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BadBack Focus

October 2005

My digital camera is now two generations old (the 10D). In the past there has been lots of internet talk about the a "back-focus" problem with it. Especially combined with certain lenses. I never ran into this problem. That is until I got my new (to me) wide angle lens. The first time I really shot with it was last weekend when I shot that Matts. After looking at the images I thought I had completely forgotten what I was doing when I'm shooting. Nothing looked sharp at all. That is, until I started looking at the backgrounds. Guess who just setup a lens/body combo with back focusing problems. Piss. I've really been interested in getting the new 5D, but I wasn't even going to seriously consider it until next year. While I like the idea of having the camera, I'm really not excited about the fact that it looks like I'll pretty much have to purchase it in order to be able to shoot anything wide angle. This is particularly a pain since shooting with wide glass is pretty much my favorite. Piss. -- cagegories -- tagPhotography P.S. Yes, I know I could focus manually, but I'm really not interested in that. I've gotten too used to the auto aspect. Plus it's a pain with the smaller viewfinder size.

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