Check your tires

While driving home this morning from a night out, I came across a 1 car accident that must have happened about 45 seconds before I caught up to it. It was a lady who was driving a Dodge Dakota that had a blow out in the rear passenger side tire. She was trying to pull off to the right side of the road, but somehow the car ended up upside down, pointed backwards on the left side. She was a little banged up, but other than freaking out a lot seemed relatively uninjured considering that the drive side of the passenger compartment was almost completely collapsed. The lady said that she had been telling her husband for a while that the tires were bad. I don't know exactly what she meant, but the entire wheel was gone. This is the second one car wreck I've happened upon that was the result of a tire blowing out on the highway. Let me say that making sure your tires are in good working order is a really good idea.