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Photography is what I'm supposed to do

I've been having this thought a lot lately.

I just watched a documentary on Ansel Adams (that's right, I'm a photographer AND a geek). At one point they are talking about his printing and they cut to a scene of someone dropping a freshly exposed print into the developer and you watch the print come up. Damn near brought a tear to my eye.

I haven't been in a chemical darkroom in sooooo long. Just the "digital" one that is made up of the computer in my office. It makes me sad to think that before long kids taking photography classes won't get to experience the rush of watching a print come up in the tray.

Photography consists of lots of parts, but witnessing those few moments of transition when an image builds on a previously blank sheet is the most magical.

...and now I have go buy an enlarger.

October 2005
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