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Photography Assignment - 252

October 2005

I've got a few friends who are getting into photography. For all of them and anyone else that is either starting or heavily into photography, I have a personal assignment for you: Make 252 photographs each week. Why 252? Back in the days of film, the 35mm variety's standard number of exposures for each roll was either 12, 24, or 36. The 252 count is the equivalent of shooting an average of one 36 exposure roll of film each day for a week. You start your count fresh each Monday. If you shoot more than 252 in one week that's great, but it doesn't reduce the number you have to shoot the following week. You can shoot 252 of the same subject or one image each of 252 individual subjects. (I would recommend pushing more toward the former, but that's secondary to getting the count.) Likewise, you can shoot all 252 on one day, or you can spread them out evenly over the entire week. Doesn't matter as long as you get to the goal. Understand that a huge portion of what you shoot isn't going to be great. Possibly not even what you would consider good. What you'll be doing is learning about the mechanics and the aesthetics of photography in the best way that I know how: by doing it. Just be glad you are doing this in the day of digital. When I did this for a period measured in years I was buying film and the chemicals to process it all. This was directly related to the reason I was pretty broke in college. -- cagegories -- tagPhotography

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