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Technolust - Powerbook with Aperture

October 2005

Okay, I think a friend in LA just cost me a lot of money. Damn it. I had specifically not taken a look at Apple's new Aperture software because I didn't want to know what I was missing. The marketing says it's for the Pro market, so I really wanted to stay away. You see, I no longer have a Mac. My current gig is at an IBM shop. So, my work supplied machine is a windows based system. After a long time of little use, I finally gave my old Mac G3 to Good Will. It was a sad day. Up until then I had always been a Mac guy. Apple keeps doing things that make me want to switch back. For instance putting a FreeBSD core under their OS X is awesome. I've grown quite fond of linux/unix and working full time on an OS with that underneath would bring repeated bits of happiness. Then, Apple had to go and release Aperture. If you haven't taken a look at it you should. Especially watch the quick time profiles they have. It took me an hour to pick my jaw up off the floor. So, now I'm dreaming of getting another Mac, but it just doesn't make sense right now. Damn it. Then to rub it in a little more, I find out about a company called ETCHaMac that provides engraving on powerbooks. Someday.....

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