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Ansel Adams and the connection of things

It always amazes me when something you haven't given much thought to in a long time suddenly pops up like three times in the span of just a couple days. Most recent example of this for me was Ansel Adams.

I hadn't really thought much about his work recently but got a documentary in from Netflix on him. After watching it, I did a little surfing around and figured out that you can buy some actual prints of his work for not too much money. (They aren't "Original" prints since they are actually printed by another photographer, but it's still a print from the original neg which is awesome.)

Like everyone else I had seen his prints at the frame shops in the mall. I like them okay, but was never knocked off my feet by them. Then I was on a trip to New Orleans and stopped at a gallery on Royal street that had the real thing. Totally a different experience. Looking at those, it's a lot easier to see what all the noise is about.

Anyway, that was last night. Then today, mom calls to tell me that there is going to be an exhibit of his work at the museum in HSV around Thanksgiving/Christmas...

Just weird how connected things are. If you are reading this, don't be surprised if Ansel shows up soon in your world as well.