Prep your portable player

Took a plane right out to Austin Texas yesterday. As I have done ever since I got a portable music player I charged up the batter and got it ready to go. The only problem is that when I was syncing the music only one playlist got moved over. It was "Like Green Day" from the Yahoo music service. This is supposed to be a bunch of band that play in the same vein as Green Day. The problem is that basically everything on the list sucked. All it really turned out to be is cheap imitations of Green Day. Bands that seem to exist for the soul purpose of creating an overly produced sound that is similar to them in order to try to pull in some dollars. Really not good at all. Cookie cutter music pisses me off. It was all so sterile it felt like muzak. The moral of the story is to make sure you have a good set of music with you before you leave. -- cagegories -- tagMusic