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Key Patent Idea

November 2005

If I had the money to get a patent attorney I'd go after a patent on a combination USB drive and your car alarm remote clicker and a flash light all-in-one fob.

Also, using the same USB principal, I would make it the key for the car (and your house and where ever else you needed it).

No more physical keys, just digital ones.

I would also move this to the next step and setup the device so that it didn't require a physical connection thru the USB plug. Any number of short range wireless systems would suffice as well.

Of course, this all points to the future where we each have a chip implanted in our hand that is our universal key for all things we need to access.

The way things keep shrinking we should be able to keep a decent amount of in storage as well. With luck, this won't be that necessary since we should have pretty ubiquitous network connections and the hand key should allow us to access anything we need from anywhere.

While you could use something like an eye scan for the key part there is a security issue in the fact that it's always the same. With the digital implant the key could be setup to change on a coordinated set interval or each time it is used. Making it much harder to crack.

Also, this would avoid a single password vulnerability. The internal chip could have 1 code for each thing it needs to access. Each code being completely independent of the others. That way, if one of the back end systems is compromised, the other assets are not lost.

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