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Yep Found a lab

And we have a winner : whcc.com

These folks are really smart. They ask you to send in up to 5 8x10s for them to print as a test. Part of this is to help make sure your monitor is calibrated. Part of it too is marketing.

I uploaded the prints yesterday and they were delivered to me today via overnight UPS.

Immediately, I like them.

Another example of the fact that these folks get marketing is the rest of the welcome package. There's a very nicely printed eight page "Getting Started" booklet and, more importantly, seven sample prints from the various types of paper you can choose from.

All of this may have cost them $30 but the bang for the buck is huge. I haven't done anything but get some test prints from them yet and I'm effectively already a satisfied customer. The prints themselves look great.

You have to do color correction yourself which can be time consuming, but I like having control and knowing that what I set isn't going to be altered by an auto - adjustment on their end.

One of the prints I got was from the wedding I shot recently. This is the first time that I've had a pro lab print a serious image from my 5D. I'm happy to report it's outstanding.

I also had a copy of the same image printed black and white. They do the prints on color paper, but they have the calibration down. I don't think I'd be able to look at it and a print on true black and white paper and be able to tell the difference.

So, to sum all that up. I'm really digging this digital photo thing right now.