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Awesome The IR camera works better than expected

I took the recently converted to Infrared 10D out to a bar last night to start putting it through its paces with a little band photography. When I have a chance I'll do a write up about everything, but one of the key points is that the flash setup worked pretty much as expected.

For example:

August 2006
  Infrared photo of a band singer with a mic

What was surprising, was that for the most part, I didn't actually need the flash. The lights weren't that bright (and I forgot to get an actual meter reading), but apparently the stage lights put out a ton of IR and the color gels don't block it much at all.

This makes sense now that I think about because stage lights naturally get really hot. My guess is the gels are specifically designed to allow Infrared to pass to help keep them from getting even hotter.

Anyway, this was shot at ISO 800 - f/5.0 at 1/80 sec.

  Infrared photo of a singer and keyboard player in a band

The meter in the camera was saying that it was greater than 2 stops under exposed. Hopefully, I'll remember next time to actually get an accurate visible light meter reading for comparison sake.

Anyway, I'll be posting more when I've had a chance to edit them down and get a full write-up to push to the world for prosperity's sake.

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