I've been being lazy with my blog or late. A bunch of stuff picked up at work and I've been trying to get a bunch of other things in life in order and I just haven't written anything. This is kinda the way I am though. A little bit bi-polar when it comes to things. I get focused on something and do it a lot, then move away from it for a while. Anyways, there should be some more posting soon. I still need to get my write up of the Infrared done, and get the full photo galley posted. I'm, once again, building my own web gallery template/system which is also holding up the process. Even though there are a ton of ways out there that I could pull one off the shelf and have saved a ton of time and already had everything posted they don't work EXACTLY the way I want. They are probalby 80-90%, but for what I want, the real refinement of that last 10-20% is important to me. Plus, I get a lot of enjoyment out of building the system.