A few proof sets

I've finally gotten around to building my new "gallery" web page tool. Of course, since I'm a web geek this actually involved transfering my site to a new server, building my own personal PHP framework, setting up a staging server, building a deployer from the stage to the production site, constructing a script on the production server to unwrap the content sent over by the deployer, and, of course, the gallery templates them selves. Could I have simply downloaded a peice of software to do this for me, or use photoshop to auto generate them, or just used flickr? Sure, but none of those are really my style. Why do something that easy when you can create a ton of work for yourself? Yes. I'm that much of a geek. All of that is also to say that the galleries themselves are pretty bare at the moment. Someday I'll jazz them up a little, but probalby not too much. I'm a big fan of the simple approach to display. Anyways, here's a few from shoots that I've done out at Freebird. If you've looked at my stuff before, you've probably seen these before: Victor Wooten Galactic Mofro Johnny A. Now that all that is done, one of the next steps is to get my IR stuff posted. I hope to do that over the long weekend.