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Working working working

September 2006

Haven't posted in a while becuase things got a little wild at work. We have recently announced that we are going to be chaning partners for the PGA TOUR site. Starting Jan. 1, 2007, we will be with Turner. Ideally I would have had 6-8 months to do the migration. Insead I get a little over three. So, that pretty much shots any other plans I had for the rest of the year. Makes it really unlikely that I'll make it to a Bama game this year. Also, there will be very few days of vacation for the holidays. Oh well.... All of that is also to say that the frequency with which I post has been off for a while and will likely continue to be so for a bit. Same thing for the photography and the I.R. work. Please note, I'm not really complaining about this, as I'm really looking forward to the process. The timeline is just so short that a lot of other things are gonna have to be put on the back burner for a while.

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