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Identity Theft Protection by opting out

November 2005

Aside from snuffing out a huge portion of you junk mail another benefit of opting out via optoutprescreen.com is that it reduces the chance of identify theft from someone filling out your info to apply for credit. I went to Home Depot this weekend and applied for a credit card. The idea was to use their store credit card to purchase some hardwood flooring since I would get 10% off and no payments or interest till 2007. By which time I should have easily sold my house which means I would have gotten a 0% loan for an improvement. Anyways, after filling out the little pamphlet to apply for the card the lady came back out and asked for my drivers license. Generally they don't require any idea just a name that matches a S.S.N. Because of the opt out, she had to call the credit reporting agency and verify she was looking at my drivers license and read the number over to them. The Home Depot lady said that's the first time that had ever happened to her and that she never had to ask for an I.D. for someone before. Very, very scary. So, if you haven't opted out yet. Do it now , and spread the word.

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