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I like matte prints better

November 2005

I got my first order in from printroom.com today. It was a shot I took out at Simon's Wine bar. (I haven't posted it yet, but I'll probably do that this weekend.) I'm very impressed with the quality of printroom. I actually had a "pro" account setup with them for a little while as a test, but shut it down before I had gotten any prints from them. One of the things that I've been looking for is a service that doesn't put their branding all over the back of the prints and Dave let me know that printroom doesn't do this. So, I ordered this print. I've very pleased with the quality. The blacks are nice and deep, the shadows aren't all blocked up and the tonal range is great. The only problem with the print is that I accidentally order a glossy instead of matte print. Even though you can get a little bit better "pop" with a glossy print and the blacks tend to be deeper with glossy, I really prefer matte. Well really, what I like is a "Luster" surface. I think with Kodak papers it's there "E" surface. With Ilford I'm pretty sure it was their "Pearl" surface. Maybe it's that it feels more like a canvas. Or, maybe it's that you don't get a glare/reflection like a glossy print, but something about it just makes it easier for me to get into a print. So, I'll do another print with those guys and see how their matte offering strikes me.

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