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New Photo Storage Philosiphy

September 2006

I really don't like deleting things off of a computer. You can never be quite sure that you won't need whatever it is that you are throwing away again. This has been causing me a little anxiety when it comes to my digital image files. Currently, I download images off my CF cards to my computer. From there I burn them to a DVD. I'm starting to make two copies and am using high grade media recommended by C.J. The problem I'm running into is that even with a 300GB drive I have to delete files from the computer itself at a rather fast rate. Even though I'm not really shooting that much at roughly 12MB per image that the 5D produces it's easy to eat through storage space in a hurry. I'm fairly confident in the DVDs, but they are a pain to get back to if I ever need to find old ones. So, the new setup that I've decided to go with is to get external drives to store the photos. I'll still make the backup DVDs, but instead of moving the images to the internal hard drive, I'll move them to the external one. Once a drive is full, I'll just unplug it and put a new one in. No more deleting images from the magnetic media. An added benefit of this will be that I'll have at least two copies in two different media (one DVD and one hard drive) of my images. Also, for those times when I need to pull an image from the archive it'll be much easier to just drop in the drive than sorting thru CDs. I haven't done the pricing yet, but I think it's going to be least expensive to by a regular internal hard drive and then an external case seperately. From a quick look, it seems that there is a real premium if you buy the external setup that's prebuilt. I'll post later with what I decide, but I'm already feeling more relaxed about file storage. Beats me why I didn't think of this sooner.

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