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Bug on my windshield

To continue with the bug postings, I'm going to move over to an actual insect.

While driving this weekend I hit a bug going about 45MPH.

Apparently, he has bug armor because he wasn't the smear that you would expect, but was still well formed and just hanging on the window.

When I parked, without the wind in his face he walked around a little on the glass before flying off.

I don't know if I should be really impressed of scared. Seems like it might be the start of a bug army that is doing some crash testing to check out their battle technology before they start the invasion.

I managed to get a shot before it took flight. It's a little washed out since the flash went off. It was a darker in color than the photo makes him out to be.

September 2006
  Photo of a small bug with a hard shell on a windshield taken from inside the car
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