The Booth will soon be no more

This sucks. I heard a couple of weeks ago that The Booth is closing. I frequented a fair number of the bars in Tuscaloosa, but The Booth was far and away the one I considered "mine". For a while, I was playing there just about every weekend with Hillside Harmony. Not to mention that I probalby sat in with a dozen other bands there including the first time I jammed with Planet Jive. I figured that bar would be one of the ones that stayed around forever while others came and went around it. Probably would have happend too, but it seems that the building got sold out from under them. Here's an article about it. I can understand it if a bar just looses it's clientel or the management blows it and the bar goes under, but this is a crap way to go out. One my short list of "if I won the lottery" items is: Move open a bar in Tuscaloosa and bring in as much live music as I can. With the closing of The Booth, that goal just got a little higher on my list.