Eric Clapton's version of "Cocaine" came on the radio the yesterday. I don't often listen to the radio (thank to my mp3 player) and I hadn't heard the song in a long time. For whatever reason, it triggered a memory of the first time I remember hearing the song. I was in probably 6th grade and we were watching an anti-drug video in the gym one day. The video was trying to point out how bad drugs were and at one point talked about how you had to be on guard because there were songs that would try to convince you to use. To illustrate the point, they played a few bars of Cocaine while highlighting the lyrics on the screen. The point of all this was to show how dangerous the music was, but I distinctly remember thinking, "wow, I really like that music". Kinda blew their point saying that both drugs and the music were bad when my reaction to the music was that I thought it was really good off the bat. That's the first time I can remember consciously questioning what I was being told by "The Man". (For those of you who are wondering, No I've never done cocaine.)