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Repartition Hard Drive

October 2006

If you ever need to repartition a hard drive and don't have Partition Magic, you can do it with a Linux LiveCD like knoppix using an application called "QTParted". Basically, what this lets you do is have one physical hard drive that shows up as two separate ones in your opperating system. (Note, I've only tried this with a Windows box. YMMV with Macs.) On my laptop, I setup the one physical drive to appear as a "C" and a "D" drive. This way, I can keep all my applications on the "C" drive and my data on the "D". This makes organizing and backing up a lot easier. Basic instructions for how to use QTParted can be found here . (The article describes using a different LiveCD, but any one with QTParted should work just fine.)

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