Loving the Drive

Sitting up in Bama right now.

Ended up driving this go round.

I really love a good road trip. Normally it takes almost exactly 10 hours to get from my place mom's, but this time it was just a little over 9 hours. I only stopped once for gas and once for a drive thru, but I don't think that had as much to do with the reduced trip time. Traffic was just really moving and I ran into the least amount of construction I think I've ever seen on a road trip.

It's a really relaxing drive. Mostly long straight roads (I-10 for example). I just put on some tunes and go. Give my mind a really good chance to just bounce around. I've know for a while, that taking a nice long road trip at least once a year is really good for my mental state. Other benefits over flying include the fact that it's my schedule and timing, I don't have to rent a car and I can avoid Atlanta where I often get delayed or stuck.

My little MP3 player jacks into my car so I've got a huge amount of music on random to keep the groove going without running into repeats. (I was trying to put an audio book on but didn't have time to get it converted over.) The question becomes, will all this lead to me getting an RV and traveling to Bama games when I retire?

Only time will tell.