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MySpace lacking RSS

November 2006

I have a ton of stuff I try to keep up with on the web and one of the main ways that I do it is by using an RSS Feed Reader called RSS Bandit . It goes out and pings sites and blogs with RSS or Atom feeds that I've pointed it to on a regular interval and moves it all into one nice place that's quick and easy to browse. Right now I have 27 feeds that I'm pulling. These are from sites that I want to keep up with every day. With the reader, instead of having to go look at each of them individually to see if there is anything new, I just browse down the feed list and can see which ones have new stuff. Huge time saver. MySpace has RSS feeds for people blogs, but doesn't offer one for the comments that are posted on home pages. Unfortunately, this means that I'm way less likely to keep up with friends who post back and forth on their home pages and ignore their blogs. Anyone reading my blog who has a connection to MySpace, please consider this a feature request to add RSS feeds for the comments. ;) The good news is that this is the internet out there. If you are looking for something like a way to get an RSS feed from MySpace home page comments, someone has probably already built it. If you are from Fox and don't already know about something like this and would try to shut it down, please stop reading. ;) For everyone else, here's an online tool that someone has posted to read a MySpace home page, parse out the comments and generate an RSS feed. It's still a little rough. Things like images can cause problems and sometimes the code it generates isn't what is know as "well-formed", but it's a good start.

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