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Pistol Report

The air pistol I order last week arrived today. I setup a little target drop and pellet trap in the living room (that's right, I'm a single guy) and went through probably 100 rounds. The gun (which is a Gamo pt - 80) isn't bad, but there are several things that I don't really like about it. Specifically : - The trigger pull is VERY heavy. I don't have a way to measure it, but I almost have to struggle with it a little bit to fire. This means that I have to put so much force behind it that it's incredibly hard to keep a precise aim. - The gun can fire with either double action or single action, but there is no difference in the trigger pull. The heavy trigger pull is understandable when using it for double action, but when you already have the hammer cocked, the single action should require a very light pull to fire. (If you don't know what the difference is between double and single action this Wikipedia article explains it well.) - The CO2 cartridges loose "umph" quickly. The specs say that you can get 30 - 60 shots out of one C02 cartridge. The first 30 seem fairly consistent, but after that, it seems to loose power quickly. If the trigger pull wasn't already such a problem this would introduce another error into the accuracy equation. - Since the C02 cartridge only gets about 30 full power shots, there is a lot of waste for the remainder.

So, all in all, not really what I was looking for. I'm going to see if I can send this one back and purchase a Daisy 747 instead. That's more than I wanted to spend, but unless I come across something else, I think that's about the price point I'm looking at to get a more target shooting oriented air pistol.