Pistol Purchase

Recently, I've been wanting to try my hand at pistol target shooting. After having gone out to a shooting range to shoot a couple Glocks, I began looking at .22 caliber pistols. The Glocks were fun, but a huge overkill for just shooting at paper targets. I had pretty much decided on going with a Buck Mark FLD based on reviews of the gun, but at around $400 for the gun, I was having trouble justifying it. I continued doing research and came across some articles that suggested that beginners start with a airgun. This hadn't occurred to me. I've shot a few pellet/BB guns in the past, but they were all on the low end. They weren't particularly powerful and the Umph behind each shot varied a fair amount which had a huge negative effect on the accuracy. After looking around it quickly became obvious that there are lots of quality choices out there now that seem like they will fit my needs. Based on some online reviews, I put in an order today for a Gamo PT-80. Initial benefits that I can think of now include: - Way lower cost for the initial gun purchase - Lower cost to operate - No background check required - I can setup a short target range in my garage - I'll shoot with it a lot more because I don't have to go to a range thanks to the item above