This will tell you just how behind I am. I'm just now getting to pull images off my point and shoot camera from Halloween. I usually end up at a costume party for Halloween and have always had my little point and shoot with me. This isn't that different from most of the rest of the times when I'm out as I tend to carry it with me the vast majority of the time.

Anyway, Halloween is always a fun time to shoot a lot so I get loads of great snapshots. With the point and shoot though, they always have the "blasted by flash" look since there is rarely enough ambient light to provide a decent exposure for the little machine.

This year, I decided that I wanted to bring out the big camera. What better way to do that than to make my costume that of a photographer. Not that hard to do since I have all the gear and fixings, but I wanted to add an extra little touch so folks didn't say I wasn't really dressed up.

So, throw in a laser printer, a lamination machine at Kinko's and a lanyard and you come up with the extra detail that makes the costume work.

Here's the result:

A badge on a lanyard laying on a wodden table. The badge has the Playboy logo with 'Alan W. Smith - Photographer' printed on it

And here's a snapshot someone took of me that shows most of the rest of my costume.

A photo of my with a photovest holding a full size canon DSLR camera that has a flash attached to a bracket on it. Another person on the left in a gesha costume pointing a polaroid camera at the person who took the photo