Complex alarm clock

I've been staying at The Omni in Atlanta while working on transitioning my work site to a partnership with Turner. I'm "The Tech Guy" at work and am fairly handy when it comes to most things electronic, but the alarm clock in my room is beyond me. It looks like this:

A boxy gray combination radio alarm clock on a wood bedside table. It's covered in buttons of various sizes and shapes in differen locations across the face and top

I spent literally 5 min. trying every possible combination of button presses that I could think of and I don't think I ever got the alarm to set. I might have, but if I did whatever indication it was trying to give me didn't make sence to my brain.

I managed to turn the radio on and off several times but that's about it. This is wonderful example of very poor industrial design. The phrase it brings to mind is "designed by an engineer". I'm sure it makes perfect sense to the person who put 26 buttons one it, but you really shouldn't have to have an instruction booklet to set an alarm clock. Especially when you are in a hotel and there is no instruction booklet to be found.

I just unplugged it (cause I had a nagging feeling it was going to go off every 15 min. starting at 2am) and used my cellphone's alarm.