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It's About Creating

January 2006

I'm pretty much the only person at work who does what I do in terms of technology. To the point that I've been told (several times) not to build things because if I ever leave no one would know how to fix something if it broke.

A couple of times I've responded with "What makes you think my stuff is ever going to break?" just to see the reaction which basically amounted to: "Uhhhhhhhhh..." (And no, I'm not that arrogant, as time marches on, hard drive fail, things get updated or changed, etc... and basically everything gives up the ghost at some point.)

I've been doing a lot of coding work over the past week and built some really nice tools. One of the things about being the only one who does this type of work though is there is no one around to appreciate it. I'm happy with myself as I realized (again) that this basically doesn't bother me at all.

Sure it's nice to hear compliments. But, for me, it really is the process of creation that's the reward.

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