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Trying new Open Source Software - RSSOwl and MusikCube

December 2006

I'm trying out two new peices of software that I read about on this blog posting . The are RSSOwl and musikCube . RSSOwl is a java based RSS reader and MusikCube is an MP3 player. So far, I like them both. I think I like the setup of RSSOwl better than RSS Bandit which is what I had been using. As for musikCube, the biggest thing I like about it is that the system tray has player controls like "next" and "previous" available directly. Winamp, which is what I had been using keeps these under a secondary menu in the system tray which is a pain to get to. As with a lot of other software that I use, I'm a big fan of the fact that these are open source.

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