like a dog

According to this page the etymology of working like a dog isn't that exotic which is a little disappointing. Never the less, I feel like I've been a pretty good example of the statement for the past several months. I think I've mentioned here before but at the end of 2006 we transitioned to Turner Networks as a new partner. I would have loved to have had eight months to a year to do this. Six months is probably about the minimum any sane organization would try it in. We did it in a little over three. Of course, for the tech guy (that would be me) still got to put in about six months worth of hours. We got the site rebuilt mostly from scratch and managed to make a few improvements along the way all without any more than the few bumps and bruises that you would expect when you pick-up, shuffle and move literally millions of files and data points. Unfortunately, the pace didn't let up in Jan. as we were patching the minor issues and tweaking to make sure things line up right. The good news for me is that I'm starting to get to a point where I can let off the gas just a little. Of course, this means that I'm starting to have a chance to realize exactly how exhausted I am. With luck, nothing major will happen in the next couple months and I can continue to throttle back and recuperate a little. It was a hell of an effort to get to where we are, but I managed to get some things setup that should make my life easier down the road.