Without Paper

I've gone completely paperless at work.

For the past few days, I haven't printed anything out, using only e-mail and web postings for communication/documentation.

Of course, this is not volentary. My machine just decided that it was no long going to print. It can still see the printers and talk to them, but refuses to send them an order. Let me just say, technology hasn't gotten to the point where working in a paperless world works yet. Too much that is easy to do on parchment is a pain in the ass without it. Jotting down notes in the margins of a document for example...

Now, for the paranoid part of the post. When I'm working on top secret stuff I keep it only on a local encrypted hard drive and control copies by never sending the files over e-mail. I think someone has sabatoged my computer so that it can't print and I'm forced to send things thru e-mail.

Our e-mail provides some encryption if requested, but I think it's the I.S. department that's after me and they have all the keys to the encryption. They are definately after me. I'm still keeping ahead of them though by using my secret decoder ring that was delivered to me via an ultra high security Cracker Jack's box.