Minor changes

Finally got around to updating the default header for the blog. One thing that I am often surprised with about designs people make for web sites is how often they push the main content that the site is based on way down the page. The default WordPress template was an example of this. It was so far down the middle of the page that I always felt like I needed to scroll a little down just to get it to where it was confortable to read. The other change is that I've added a little element to the sidebar to show the most recent comments. I was also surprised that this isn't something that was turned on by defult in WordPress. In fact, I don't even thing there is an option to turn it on. I had to hack the code out from another page. From my thinking the comments on a blog are basically the second most important thing behind the primary posts. Yet, there was no way to get to the most recent ones from the home page. More minor changes are planned, but at the rate I'm going it'll be a while before I make it to them.