Budget Wino

I like wine. I know very little about it. I generally pick my wine based on the label when I go to the store because I've done no prep work. Enter The Budget Wino. The blogger reviews $10 bottles of wine and provides reviews of them. The reviews are nice to go check out, but the best thing about the site is the spreadsheet he provides. Armed with this, it makes the trip down your local wine isle much more fruitful and less prone to the hit and miss of the "that label looks cool" selection process. The secondary benefit is that I don't generally remember the wines that I like. With the spreadsheet, I'm hoping to fine that my tastes are in line with his so I can just piggy back off his selections. The first one I tried was the Yellowtail Reserve Shiraz. It was quite nice. Incidentally, the spreadsheet is put together with Google Apps. This is the first time I've really seen the product used. It's a great use. Make a simple spreadsheet and then share it with what I'm guessing was very little fuss or muss. That's a trend I expect to see continue.