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sub eMail addresses

Someone needs to build a sub email address feature. Or, perhaps it would be called prelude. The way it would work is you have a base email address that doesn't actually receive any direct mail, but provides the foundation. To use the email service, you would simply apply a prefix to the foundation email address. It would be necessary to allow for this to be done on the fly. The server would simply forward all the prefixes to the proper foundation address. For example, a foundation address might be : asmith1@example.com Then, when you wanted to use an email address on a site you could do something like siteName - asmith1@example.com All the email from that site would be easily identified as coming from them. Especially useful in determining if they sell your address to third parties. The secondary benefit would be the ability to filter each email address individually. So, if you made one purchase from the site that you provided siteName - asmith1@example.com for and you no longer cared about getting their correspondence, you could simply tell the server to drop all the incoming emails for that address into the trash.