Google Spreadsheet and the top 100 checklist

Google released their "Apps" to beta recently. After playing around with them a little it seems like they are making good progress. I'm in a very poor position to rate them however since I very rarely use Word or Excel or the like. It's one of the funny little paradoxes about a lot of tech geeks. We tend to have way more knowledge about just about every aspect of computing, but we can't figure out anything beyond the most basic parts of some of the most use software. I still haven't figured out how to complete turn off all the damn "Auto Formatting" that Word does because it thinks I want it. Anyway, one of the first spreadsheets I've done is a check list of the top 100 movies on the AFI list. It's mainly for me, but I'm posting it here. It's also in the newly created "Links" category over to the side. It seems that I'm committing more and more of the data of my life to the trust of google. Here's hoping they keep their "Do no Evil" motto.