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Monitor help

April 2007

I'm looking to get a new monitor for my home system. I want a good LCD one that I can use for photo stuff as well as general computer hacking. There are a ton of options out there and it took some digging, but I finally found a link that has some good info about what the hell all the numbers and specs mean. It's on anandtech which is a site I hadn't actully been to in a long time. When I paid more attention to what was going on in the hardware world it was one of my main sources of info and I have a fair amount of trust in the conversations that go on there. If you scroll way down on that link there is a section for "PROSUMER PHOTO EDITING". I'm avoiding the first two recommendations and planning on going with the third. The 20.1": HP LP2065. I like all the specs on the first one (20.1"w: NEC MultiSync 20WMGX2) except for the "OptiClear contrast coating". I've seen monitors with that before and the glare it creates really irritates me. And the second recommendation of the Samsung (SyncMaster 215TW) has a note about input lag. I don't do much gaming, but any noticible input lag also bugs me. I might not notice it, but it's not worth the risk. I'd kinda prefer a widescreen, but I'm going to be setting up my old 17 lcd in a dual monitor setup so that shouldn't really be an issue.

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