CF bulbs

My local Home Depot currently has a sale running on Compact Fluorescent bulbs. Six for $10. I've been wanting to get some CF bulbs to try out. I had one when they first came out, but it flickered a little and the color was not very pleasing. That was probably eight or nine years ago. They have come a long way since then. The ones I got were marked to indicate that they had a color range similar to a traditional incandescent bulb and this seems to be pretty much the case. It's a little different, but not at all unpleasant. As far as I can tell, they have no discernible flicker and turn on effectively instantly without any perceived warm up being necessary. One drawback is that the ones I got don't work on dimmers which is unfortunate as I've switched most of my overhead lights to be on dimmer switches. But for the floor lamps and the standard switches are all going to get the CF bulbs. If you are not familiar with them, they fit in the same socket as regular bulbs but use something like 1/3 as much energy and should last about 10 times as long. You can read a little about them here. At some point, I'll get some daylight balanced ones too for my office. A lot of photo office have daylight balanced bulbs for looking at prints. With CF bulbs, you can have that in your house now too. Oh yeah, and they don't get nearly as hot. So, if you are reading in bed and reach to put out the light and accidentally hit the bulb you won't burn yourself nearly as bad. (It'll still hurt and if you leave your skin on the bulb, it'll get ya, but it's not AS bad.)