More Fire In The Eyes

Here's another shot of Dave with his eyes on fire. Not one of the picks, but it shows the fire even higher.

A black and white photo of a person kneeling in the corner of a room facing the camera. They are looking up with their shirt off and are wearing black welders goggles which have licks of flame extending off them

I should mention that I shot this on IR film. I was using a strobe but the exposure was a complete guess. I'm pretty sure I had never shot infrared with a strobe before and I'm positive I never shot fire in IR before.

The negs are pretty dense. They're over exposed by two stops or three stops. If I had missed that far in my guessing with digital it would not have been recoverable. Of course, when you get virtually instant feedback with a histogram, it only would have taken one or two test shots to dial in the exposure.