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iPhone seems quite nice

okay, I wasn't all that hyped about the iPhone. It looked cool, but none of the ads I was really got my blood up. Today I was out running around with a buddy and he suggested we stop by the local apple store to see if they had one to take a look at. They had about 8 on display (with a huge ass security guard standing about 10 feet away from the table). So, I'm pretty darn impressed. Using the various functions on the phone was very intuitive and the screen/display was gorgeous. The overall size was a little smaller in all three dimensions than I had imagined and by and large that's a good thing. It didn't feel bulky at all to me. I think this was mainly a function of how thin the device is. The only drawback I saw in my few min of fun (aside from the steep ass price for both hardware and service) was typing. It wasn't bad, especially since it was my first time trying it, but I missed the key I was aiming for several times while trying to type "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". When I was typing, I was using both thumbs. After I left, I got to thinking about this, and I'd like to try again just holding the thing with one hand and typing with just the index finger of the other. I have a feeling that would be more accurate. Also, I'm sure it gets a fair amount easier with practice. Bottom line, I'm very impressed, but it's way too steep a price point for me until I get sponsored.