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Good Job Mika Brzezinski

July 2007

For those of you who haven't seen this, Mika Brzezinski apparently got pissed enough about the fact that Paris Hilton was a lead story over a big push back from the Senate about the war. The clip is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VdNcCcweL0

You'll notice that this is an edit of clips from different times (watch the clock in the lower right). It's one of those morning news shows that cycles each hour. Apparently the first hour (6 ET, 3PT), was completely genuine. For the later hours, there was a bit of showmanship, but I'm kinda okay with that cause Mika seems genuinely pissed.

There is a second clip with a follow up that gives a little perspective on it. I'm not sure how much time/days were in between. I expect it was pretty quick though. (Not to taint the props for Mika, but the other guy comes off as a jackass in the second clip. If you go back to the first one and really listen, he calls her a wench at one point. Not really a big deal since it sounds like it was made in jest and considering everything was pretty bizarre at that point it doesn't strike me as a big deal. Until the second clip where he says "It sounds like I may have called you a wench at one point." and then follows it up with "Do you really believe I would call you a wench?" Hey jackass, listen to the tape, own up to it and if offense was taken, apologize.)

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