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Open firewall for bittorrent

June 2007

This is mainly a note for me. If you run a bittorrent program like the open source Azureus and have a firewall like Comodo (which I highly recommend), you will need to open the port in the firewall to get the best use out of the bittorrent client. First figure out which port you need to open up by looking under the Tools menu in the "Connection" setting. It'll have the incoming/outgoing port number there. Then you need to go into the "Network Monitor" tab on the side of Comodo and create a new firewall rule with the following: Action = Allow Protocol = TCP or UDP Direction = In Source IP = Any Remote IP = your IP adress (or "Any" ) Source port = Any Remote port = the port your bittorent program uses for the TCP/UDP connections To give credit where credit is due, I got this from this post . I just want to make sure if it disappears I don't have to hunt down how to set it again.

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