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Unmasked Superhero

July 2007

I can't trace where this came from in my mind, but I was thinking an interesting super hero story would be about a hero that has been around for a while. After a few years of doing his hero thing and keeping his secret identity actually secret he ends up in some situation where someone is in danger and the only way that he can save them is using his powers in plain view and forfeiting his secret identity. Two obvious plays on this are a story where the hero chooses to keep his identity safe and sacrifices the person and then dealing with the internal aftermath in a case where there would have been no expectation for his hero to show up and save the day. The other one would be for him to save the person and then follow the story of him dealing with the aftermath of everyone knowing who he is. (I'm saying he, but it could, of course, be a woman.) Anyway, for a story some day.

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