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New Camera Lust

August 2007

Canon announced their new top of the line EOS-1Ds MARK III ( press release . It's 21 Megapixel. TWENTY-ONE. Canon put up a page here with one sample image. The jpeg is 9.49 MB. It's 5616 wide by 3744 high. That translates to an 18.72 x 12.48 images at 300dpi natively. A base working image is about 60MB at 8bits and a huge 120MB at 16bits. Simply amazing. Not unlike film, at some point the weak factor is going to become the lenses ability. My gut tells me that they are coming up on that point pretty fast, but man, I'd love to have one to play with and put it thru the test. Of course, with an $8,000 price tag for just the body, that's not likely to happen any time soon. Donations gladly accepted. (Oh yeah, I'm disappointed that they only put up one sample image, but I'm not surprised. At over 9MB per hit on the full file, that bandwidth cost would add up very quickly.)

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