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Airplane sign hack

September 2007

My flight back from ATL last night was on a Boeing 767-300. These aircraft have three rows of seats in the main cabin. Two seats for the outside rows and three in the middle. As you enter the plane, the first two rows are "A" and "B". The middle seats are "C", "D" and "E" with the "F" and "G" making up the last row. I've been on these flights enough that this is in the back of my brain but a standard for most passengers I've seen is when they enter the plane, the ask the flight attendant which aisle they need to go down to get to their seat. Last night, I saw a great little hack. One of the flight attendants drew a little diagram with a note saying that you could get to the A, B, C and D seats from the first aisle while E, F, and G where the second one. I mentioned that I thought it was a great idea, and she said that it really seemed to help. It was in the perfect place. Just as soon as the passenger realizes they need to make an aisle decision this little sign was there. I wish I had snagged a picture, but I had already stowed my camera.

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