Nuge in ATL and the 31fd

I've mentioned that I've been traveling to Atlanta a lot over the past few days. On one of the trips, I managed to catch up with Nuge and the wife out at a coffee house where he was playing a few tunes. Here's a snap of him groove'n.

A photo of a person playing guitar standing in front of a mic

It was a little wild because another friend named Amy was playing as well. Literally haven't seen her since High School. Both she and Nuge sounded great. And to complete the wild round up, there was also Stacy who apparently graduated the year before me, but I don't think I ever knew. Here's the two of them. Stacy on the left and Amy on the right.

A photo of two women. The one closest to the camera is singing into a mic. The one further away on the right side of the image is sitting down playing guitar.

Now for some a photo geek tangent: I should mention that these are more shots from my most recently acquired point and shoot which is a FujiFilm 31fd.

The primary reason I got this camera was because of the reviews of it's low light performance. I'm really not a fan of on camera flash, but with most point and shoots you pretty much have to use it to get anything.

I had a Canon point and shoot before this that offered a "high ISO" setting, but the images taken with that were so grainy they weren't really worth it. I've been really impressed with the little Fuji. This image of Nuge was hand held at ISO 800, f/2.8 @ 1/4 sec. The camera doesn't have vibration reduction which would have been nice, but since there is no mirror movement, you at least have a chance with longer shutter speeds.