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Vegas and Bama

I've been traveling a ton recently. Mostly my trips were work related. Jumping back and forth to Atlanta for a few days at a time. Last week I took a trip out to Las Vegas to help out with another Supershoots.com workshop. Once again, it was a ton of fun. Lots of shooting, a substantial amount of drinking, some gambling and very little sleep. While in Vegas, I discovered that roulette is my game. It was my first trip to Vegas and my first time playing roulette and both turned out great. I was up a max of about $200 during the trip. Ended up loosing some of that, but still managed to leave $100 on the plus side. I'm not really a gambler at all, but that was a lot of fun. After returning from Vegas late Tuesday night, I went to work on Wed. and then flew out again on Thursday. This time to Birmingham with the ultimate destination of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. C.J. and I have been trying to make it back to a Bama game for a few years, but could never get our schedules to line up. This year, we finally said, "screw it, we're going no matter what" and got tickets to the Bama vs Tennessee game. I don't think Bama beat Tennessee in Tuscaloosa at any of the games I went to while in school. I'm happy to report we beat the crap out of them 41 - 17 this go round. It was beautiful football weather and a beautiful game. Ended up being a great game to make our return. Hey Vols! We just beat the hell outta' you! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer Give 'em hell Alabama