Might need business cards

I've been doing a lot of thinking about getting back into weddings again. This is a topic I flip-flop on a lot. I won't be able to really do anything about it till we get past the new year due to the amount of stuff going on at work. After that though, I think I'm going to take a run at it again. The digital thing is a big factor and another is Adobe lightroom. After using it a little, I think it's a great way to run the preliminary wedding edit. The first wedding that I did all digital, I was using Photoshop and Bridge on my old ass computer and it took forever. While the process itself is decently time consuming, the real issue I had was the amount of time that I was waiting on the computer. I'll get around to building a new computer before too long. If I haven't done it before my next wedding, I'll definitely do it at that point just to make sure I can get thru the edits in a reasonable time. Anyway, about the business cards. I went to a Halloween party last night as Peter Parker. The reason for picking that character was so that I could fit my camera in as part of the costume. Did the same thing last year when I went as a Playboy photographer. It's great because for a while no ones sure if you are really taking photos or if you are just pretending as part of the costume. After it became fairly obvious that I really was shooting, I talked to two couples about shooting their weddings and a couple other folks about some photography in general. All of them, of course, asked for cards. So, I guess it's time to get some made up.