Credit Card Alerts

The one credit card I have has a feature where you can turn on various email and/or phone text alerts. The options include the ability to get your daily, weekly or monthly balance. My question is why don't they set one up that will shoot a text message to your phone every time there is a charge to the card. It would be a great way to help fight fraud. If your sitting at work and some random charge comes thru, you would know to call the credit card company immediately and let them know that it wasn't you. Depending on the speed of the charge, it would be really easy to immediately call the store where the charge was made and see if the person is still in the store. While this is unlikely, it would happen from time to time. It would make it really easy to pull security tapes from just a few min before and find the person as well. Of course, they don't offer this service, just a daily account balance.