Hacking audio books

I'm on yet another trip. This time by car to North Alabama to visit the mom. Before I left I went to the library to see what books on cd were available and found "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, which I haven't read yet. Back in October, CJ loaned me a copy of Digital Fortress (also by Dan Brown) which I actually managed to find time to read. Even though there were a few pretty big flaws in its logic, I enjoyed the book and decided listening to the Da Vinci Code would be a nice way to spend the 20 hours or so of road time I would cover round trip. The library CDs have seen a fair amount of use and a few are quite scratched up. I managed to get through most of them without missing but a few minutes collectively across the first seven disks. The eighth CD however was a different story. It simply would not play past the first couple of minutes. Luckily, I hit this CD shortly before I arrived so I simply spent the last little bit of the outbound trip listening to the radio instead. Since the CD player I put in my car also plays MP3 CDs I figured I'd try to rip the rest of the thirteen CDs to MP3s for the return trip. One of the CD rippers I have (CDex has some ability to do "Jitter correction" and also power through scratches. While there are a few little blank outs in the mp3 they are much more minimal than what was occurring while I was trying to listen to the original CDs. Not the easiest way to go about things, but it's effective. I plan on putting the MP3 CD in with the rest of them when I return it to the library. Maybe someone else can benefit from the little hack as well.