The future return of film

I've been doing more and more looking around at photography web sites and it seems like there is increasing tendency for them to be more like photoshop gallery web sites than photography gallery web sites.

It's nice when you find people that have both parts of the art, but I often find myself looking more at the post processing that was done to the image than the image itself. It makes me wonder when (I think it's fairly inevitable) the pendulum swings back and the "in" thing becomes to have "unmanipulated" images. Even, perhaps, to the point of stuff shot on film again and printed.

Probably be relegated to pure artists, but that's okay. And don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the stuff I see. But I really love images that stand on their own without a ton of post manipulation.

Okay, maybe a little dodging and burning here and there and a slight bump in contrast...... he says with a grin.