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Absolute Sandman

I was browsing around the library yesterday and saw "Absolute Sandman" waiting to be re-shelved.

December 2007

Here's what Wikipedia says about it:

Reprinting The Sandman issues #1-20. The more than 65 pages of bonus material include the original proposal for the series and the full script and pencil art for issue 19.

And about the Absolute Editions in general:

DC Comics Absolute Edition is a series of archival quality printings of graphic novels published by DC Comics and Wildstorm Productions. Each is presented in a hardcover, dustjacketed and slipcased edition with cloth bookmark consisting of one or more books which include restored, corrected and recolored versions of the original work, reprinted at 8 inches by 12 inches.

Also included are supplemental materials regarding the creation of the work, including sketches, comic scripts, memos, etc.

Kinda surprised me that the library had a comic book collection, but I don't guess it should have.

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